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Facilities for Pet Boarding in Spokane Valley, WA Care for Pets with Vision or Hearing Difficulties

As dogs and cats age, changes can occur in the body that lead to reduced vision or hearing. Pets can also develop mobility issues and arthritis. So, if you need to travel and have an older pet, you may be concerned about their care.

Caring for Pets with Special Health Needs

Fortunately, pet boarding in Spokane Valley, WA is available that takes care of the special needs of a dog or cat. Facilities emphasize care for older animals, or even younger pets, that may have vision or hearing loss. With respect to older pets, it is vitally important that a pet boarding facility offers assistance for dogs or cats whose hearing or sight causes them difficulties. Older dogs, as they age, often experience some type of vision impairment, and some end up developing cataracts.

Working with Older Animals

The ability to hear also declines with time, and as stated, mobility issues are a problem, especially in dogs that are overweight. Therefore, caring pet boarding professionals who work with dogs with special health needs strongly take these factors into account. For example, dogs with low vision usually appreciate hearing the voice of their caregiver. Because this type of loss can be frightening, hearing a soothing voice can be reassuring.

Consistency Is Important

Dealing with blind or deaf dogs or cats requires consistency as well. Therefore, caregivers at pet boarding facilities try to keep the animals’ feeding and water dishes in the same location. They also do the same for a cat’s or dog’s bedding. This type of consistency provides reassurance for the dog or cat.

According to caregivers, dogs and cats with disabilities appreciate at routine, so when they can follow the same schedule, whether it regards exercising, eating, or relaxing, they feel happier and more secure. If your own pet has a vision or hearing impairment or age-related health concerns, you can obtain more information about kennel boarding for older animals by reviewing the services on such sites as website.

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