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Factors to Consider When Looking for Housing Off the Military Base

On-base housing can be difficult to come by when you are transferred to a new military base. All the available housing can be taken up by families. You are forced to find housing off the base for you, your spouse, and children.

Before you look for nearby military housing in San Diego area, you need to keep some factors in mind that can make moving in and out easier. These tips can help you find a place that suits your needs now while you are serving in the area.

Flexibility of Leasing

When you scout the local military housing in San Diego, you want to look for places that offer flexible leases for military members. Under normal circumstances, you could be locked into a six month or one-year lease. If you move during this time, you could face penalties for moving out early.

However, as a military member, you never know when you will be deployed or relocated. You need the flexibility of breaking a lease without penalty.

Some rental companies void the penalties for people who must relocate and move out because of transfers and deployments. These terms need to be included in your lease so that you cannot be sued by the management company.

Proximity to the Base

You and your family enjoy on-base privileges that other families in the area do not have access to as private citizens. You can shop at the PX and commissary. You also are entitled to use the medical facilities and day cares on the base.

With that, you want to find housing that is close to the base so you can access these privileges easily and quickly. You want to avoid having to drive across town just to shop or go to work.

These factors can help you find suitable off-base housing. They also spare you from inconveniences like being sued.

Corporate Foxwood Apartments open their arms to military members when there is a need for temporary housing.

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