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Facts About Resin Countertops

It is surprising to read that it is only in the past two to three years that interior designers have discovered the many benefits of resin countertops. A 2016 article at Houzz said that “Epoxy countertops are getting big!” but most laboratory establishments have known about the many benefits of resin countertops for decades.

While the designers and decorators are praising resin countertops for the abilities to mimic and surpass other costlier materials in terms of looks and durability, those who choose them for labs and other settings know that it is an array of different properties that make resin countertops so appealing.

Just consider these basic facts about them:

  • They are non-porous – This makes easy to keep clean, impervious to water and other fluids and unable to stain

  • They are rigid – This means they give a lot of support to the expensive equipment and tools that are so often placed on lab worktops

  • They are heat resistant – Unlike other materials, epoxy resin is able to withstand exposure to high heat and never fail. This makes it appealing in labs, but also in research facilities, educational settings, and healthcare settings

  • They do not delaminate – They never lose the finish that makes them so easy to clean and care for

  • They provide a flexible solution – If you are eager to have a fully customized set of worktops, epoxy resin can be easily formed into whatever dimensions are required

  • They are ideal for settings with sinks – Because they are so resistant to fluid, they make the perfect countertop for sink and basin surrounds

  • They have no glare – This may seem like a slight matter, but the bright lights of most lab settings can cause disruptive and problematic glares from many surfaces, but epoxy resin eliminates that concern

As you can gather from this collection of facts about resin countertops, they are a wise choice for many settings. Long lasting, durable and able to look good after decades of use, they deliver the ultimate in customization.

At AGRFabricators.com, you can find Durcon Epoxy Resin work surfaces in an array of colors and styles. With options for drip grooves and beveled edges, they can be finished in whatever manner best suits your need. Whether it is for an educational facility’s laboratory space or full-blown medical lab, you will be able to enjoy quality materials and craftsmanship in addition to the functionality of resin.

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