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Find Essential Landscape Supplies in Austin, TX

Modern homeowners expect landscaping companies to provide more than just lawn care. They want beautiful, carefully designed garden beds, walkways, trees, shrubs, accent pieces, and more.

Landscaping companies that want to keep up with the trends need to find a reliable supplier of landscape supplies in Austin, TX. Inventory managers can read on to find out what supplies and services to look for.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is used to create raised beds, fill unwanted holes left when tree stumps are removed, level unwanted hills, and more. It’s not ideal for growing plants since fill dirt is high in minerals and low in organic content, but it offers an affordable way to fill in unwanted low spots. Landscapers who use fill dirt to their advantage instead of using garden soil for these applications can then pass on their savings to customers, helping them attract more business.

Crushed Limestone

Limestone is an extremely versatile material. Finely-ground limestone dust can be used to balance soil pH, and limestone aggregate is great for walkways, gravel driveways, and other outdoor spaces. Make sure to find a company that offers different sizes of limestone aggregate.

River Rock

River rock makes a perfect accent to almost any landscape. These smooth, decorative stones can be incorporated into aquascapes, used to fill in gaps in stone walkways, or used to add accents to flower beds. River rock is also one of the most useful landscape supplies in Austin, TX for improving drainage and creating desert gardens.

Different Types of Sand

Sand can be used in bulk to line children’s playgrounds, create Zen gardens, and design creative outdoor spaces that don’t require a lot of water and other inputs. That’s not all it’s good for, though. Landscapers can also use sand to mix concrete.

The Bottom Line

Landscaping professionals need to find a reliable, affordable source of rock, sand, dirt, and other basic supplies. They also need additional services like dump truck rentals to transport these supplies to worksites and remove broken asphalt, concrete, and other heavy materials. Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC offers a variety of landscaping supplies and services at affordable rates, making them a perfect go-to supplier for Austin area landscaping professionals.

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