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Find Expert Art Shipping Services in New York

If you are looking for experts in art shipping, New York offers some of the leading names in business. These are professionals with over two decades of experience in handling, transporting and installing art professionally. Fine artwork is not just a piece of joy but also a valuable object that needs very careful handling, not to mention the utmost security as well. Whether it is a domestic need or international art shipping possibilities, you can expect the best trained experts who have ample knowledge of the industry to work with you. They know their clients and the sensitive nature of business which warrants a more dedication and focus than usual.

The most experienced art shippers work hand in hand with not just individual artists and galleries but also with leading auction houses and museums. They are proficient in shipping high value artwork across the nation as well as worldwide, successfully and safely. They first understand the exact requirements of their clients and then offer custom solutions so that the delivery is done without any damage whatsoever and just to the clients’ satisfaction. The custom built crates ensure the safe transportation not just for paintings but also for various other art pieces like sculptures and figurines. Heavy or fragile, everything is equally taken care of.

This is not regular shipping and should not be confused with such either. These are irreplaceable objects that demand special skills and experience. Those who offer experts art shipping in New York understand how precious each piece can be. That is why they offer insurance coverage offering full replacement for the damage or loss. But that doesn’t mean that they are expensive or the service is complicated. On the contrary, leading brands offer amazing discounts to regular clients which make it easy for them to design a comfortable shipping budget. A little research will lead to veteran art shippers who can take care of them exactly as they are meant to be.

Special features include secure and customized transportation solutions for various kinds of art pieces, specially equipped vehicles that have straps, pads and lift gates for sensitive items which need special care and handling, and even specially trained drivers who know what kind vehicle speed is the most conducive for the shipment. The vehicles are temperature control to prevent damage as well as have preventive functions to deal with sensitive or hazardous materials from affecting the rest of the pieces.

Art Pack is a leading name in expert art shipping for New York and other metropolises. To learn more about their services and custom offerings please visit their website.

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