First Timers – 3 Things to Consider When Getting a Nipple Piercing Oct05


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First Timers – 3 Things to Consider When Getting a Nipple Piercing

If you are thinking about getting a nipple piercing, then you should go to a trained professional. You will receive aftercare tips to make the process smooth. After healing, you can wear cool nipple jewelry and stand out. Read on to hear about three things to consider when getting a nipple piercing.

What Type of Jewelry?

Most people are excited after getting a piercing. They can choose from a variety of nipple jewelry. However, you want to select the right type of jewelry. It helps to start with a straight barbell. Rings are not a good choice because they move around. You do not want to interrupt the healing process. It helps to choose jewelry that stays in place.

Find the Right Piercer

It is essential to research before making your decision. You do not want to wander into the first shop you see. It helps to choose a nipple piercer who is experienced and use sanitary methods. It would be best if you also felt at ease with the piercer. If you do not feel comfortable, then you should find someone else. The piercing should be done in a sterile environment.

Know the Risks

You should know the risks before going through any procedure. Rejection is when the body rejects the piercing. It can push out of through your breast. The body rejects piercings due to improper angles, techniques, and because of jewelry quality.

The jewelry fits at the base of the nipple. Many people wear piercings for self-expression and to show uniqueness.

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