Five Reasons to Hire a Disability Attorney May13


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Five Reasons to Hire a Disability Attorney

In an ideal world, everybody works until their retirement days; then, they enjoy the rest of their years with their pensions and Social Security checks. But life never goes as planned. Sometimes, people get sick or suffer devastating injuries that prevent them from working before retirement age. If you’re in this type of situation, you might consider hiring a disability attorney. Here’s why.


A disability attorney in Kansas City will have the experience to ensure you complete all the initial paperwork correctly, as you be disqualified if even one piece of information is missing. Your disability attorney has also represented many other people like you, and knows how the court system works.

Help Even if You Get Denied

Even if you were denied disability insurance before, your disability attorney can still help you win. If you have an open case after a negative hearing result–and you appealed it in time–your new disability attorney can keep the case open. The advantage of this is that you may have earned more the previous 15 years than if you opened a new case three years later. The new case would pay you less if you win.

Less Stress

Since your disability attorney from Kansas City has worked with people like you, he can help ease your mind during the lengthy disability process. It’s easy to get discouraged as time goes on. But your disability attorney will offer you encouragement as needed.

Hearing Advocate

If you’re case goes to the hearing level, you’re disability attorney will help represent you before a judge. He can instruct you how to act and what to say in court. He will also argue your case against anyone else in the courtroom.

Win Benefits and Backpay

In reality, you have a much better chance of getting monthly disability insurance and backpay if you hire a disability attorney in Kansas City.

Grundy Disability Group LLC has a passion for helping people in the Kansas City area win their disability cases —

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