Five Steps to Take Before Getting a Car Towed in San Antonio, TX May25


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Five Steps to Take Before Getting a Car Towed in San Antonio, TX

It is important to know your rights as a towing customer before requesting services from a towing company in San Antonio, TX. Here are five steps you should take before getting a car towed.

Get in contact with your insurance company. They will provide advice on which towing company in San Antonio TX to use and where your vehicle should be taken to get repaired. If you cannot speak with your insurer, use a professional towing company.

Your first thought may be to get your car towed after being in a collision. However, you should ensure this is necessary before calling the towing company. Examine the vehicle. If the mirrors are intact, the steering, braking, headlights, and taillights are working correctly, and there are no fluid leaks, you may be able to drive your vehicle.

If the towing is necessary, prepare your vehicle to have it moved safely. Take detailed photos of the collision scene and damaged parts of the vehicle. Ensure you keep all valuable items with you before handing your keys over to the tow truck driver.

As soon as the tow truck arrives, ask them to provide identification. You want to be sure that you do business with the company you contacted.

Check the paperwork before signing it. You must know exactly where the vehicle will be towed and what you will be paying for.

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