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Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT Can Make a Big Impact

The fireplace has always been a focal point that brings family and friends together. A fireplace adds warmth and charm that’s perfect on a chilly evening. While a fireplace’s main purpose is to provide heat, some homes do not have enough floor space available to dedicate to a fireplace hearth. That doesn’t need to be a deterrent when wanting to add a fireplace in a home. Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT are a unique way to retain that valuable floor space, while having the fireplace that’s always been wanted.

Design Element

Floating Hearths in Salt Lake City UT can make a huge impact in a room. The sleek design of a wall mounted hearth provides a modern touch, while bringing in a familiar element that has been popular for generations. A fireplace hearth that is off the floor makes a statement while appearing to float, as if it defies gravity. Depending on the size of the floating hearth, it can be used as a seating area, or as a place to store fireplace tools.


The hearth is an important safety component of a fireplace. It provides a safe area for flying embers and logs to land if they fall out while the fire is burning. The hearth is usually made from fireproof materials for that reason, such as brick, stone, concrete, tile or metal. A hearth is required if the fireplace is wood burning. However, it is not necessary for a gas operated unit. A hearth must extend 36 inches from the back of the firebox to the front edge of the hearth. It should also extend 16 inches out from the front of the fireplace opening and reach 8 inches to either side. This distance can also help to keep furniture and other items far enough away from the heat.

Stone Mountain Castings & Design is passionate about making customers happy. They have hearths of every color and style, as well as fireplace mantles and accessories. This company can create a floating hearth that will quickly become the focal point in a room. Whether building a new fireplace, or refacing an existing one, a custom hearth can add to the overall design as a one-of-a-kind original piece that combines form with function. Like us on Facebook.

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