For High Risk Sites, a Deluge Fire Sprinkler System is Best

When it comes to fighting a fire in a high-risk area such as an industrial complex, near high rise windows, around warehouse entrances or just about anywhere else that a fire has the possibility of escaping quickly.

What is a Deluge Fire Sprinkler System?

There is a process which occurs when there is a fire present in your home or office. In a standard fire sprinkler system, the heat of the flame is detected and the valves open and the water is pumped thru the pipes to fight the fire. This is generally fine for any home or business, as it is an effective, tried and tested method of stopping a fire in its tracks.

The difference between a standard wet pipe fire sprinkler system and a deluge system is that the sprinkler systems heads will always remain open at all times. They are not opened with the detection of heat, rather a fire alarm will cause the valve to open and the water to spring forward. Once this occurs, the valve cannot be closed until it is turned off manually.

The Benefits of a Deluge System

You will most commonly find these particular systems used in places where a fire can spread unusually fast, making it important to get it out with incredible speed. Consider a high-rise fire, it needs to be snuffed immediately before it traps everyone above the point of the ignition, and they find themselves without the ability to leave the building. They are also very common in air ports as there is a lot of highly combustible fuel both in the planes and in storage and it must be protected at all costs to prevent a much larger and devastating disaster.

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