Four Reasons Why Selling Your Home for Cash Might Be a Great Option for You Oct16


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Four Reasons Why Selling Your Home for Cash Might Be a Great Option for You

Selling a home can be both stressful and complicated if you’re going the mortgage route. However, if you take out the mortgage man and deal directly with a cash buyer, then everything is a lot less complicated. If you’ve ever typed “sell my home fast in Los Angeles,” into a search engine, check out some of the following reasons why selling to a cash buyer might be a great choice for you.

No Repairs

If you deal with a bank and paperwork when selling your home, you can forget about the whole thing if your home needs major repairs. Banks don’t like to fund a property unless it meets specific requirements regarding its condition. On the other hand, with a cash buyer, you don’t have to do a thing except move out and collect the proceeds.

Zero Closing Costs

Closing costs add a hefty amount to the cost of buying a home. In many cases, closing costs could run you up to 5% of the final transaction total. That’s good money that you could use somewhere else. With a cash buyer for your home, forget about closing costs and other fees that eat into your sale proceeds and use the money you save on something useful.

Faster Transaction

If you’re looking for options to sell my home fast in Los Angeles, you’ll be happy to know that cash transactions for homes are among the fastest out there. With cash, there are no banks involved with their protocols and regulations, only you and the buyer.

Deal Won’t Fall Through Easily

With so many moving parts, traditionally financed deals often collapse. It makes sense if you think about the seemingly never-ending paperwork and hoops to jump through. With cash deals, though, there are only a few moving parts and more likelihood of a deal going through.

To sell your house fast for cash in the Los Angeles, CA, area, contact John Medina Buys Houses today at (310)928-9688.

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