General Tips for Detecting Mold in Your Home Located in Alexandria, VA Dec06


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General Tips for Detecting Mold in Your Home Located in Alexandria, VA

Mold is a broad class of fungi that can be found virtually everywhere. It loves warm, humid environments and is known to inhabit man-made structures that exhibit these conditions.

Here are a few things you should understand about mold detection Alexandria VA.

Visually Inspecting Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Attics

When trying to detect mold, which almost always isn’t a scientific practice when it comes to homes, you should use a bright flashlight to inspect dark areas that you usually don’t come across on a daily basis, such as your crawl space, the attic, and the basement. Be thorough in creeping around these areas, even if you don’t want to. You’ll save lots of money and stress if you be thorough.

Use Hygrometers for Humidity Testing

Humidity is a measure of water vapor in the atmosphere or another area’s aerial environment. Although your crawl space, for example, might not be sealed off from the greater environment, it will likely have a different humidity reading than the outdoors. Find a hygrometer, available online or at building supply stores, and use it to determine whether areas of your home are prone to mold or not.


Visual tests aren’t reliable for determining whether you’ve got mold on your hands or not. Drop a few drops of plain old bleach on suspected mold or mildew. If its shade lightens within a few minutes, it’s mold or mildew. Otherwise, it’s likely dirt, dust, or other debris.

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