Get the Benefits You are Entitled with a Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven Aug10


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Get the Benefits You are Entitled with a Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven

An illness or injury can occur without any notice. These illnesses and injuries can have very devastating effects on the person they strike. Many times, these illnesses and injuries can cause severe disabilities that can make it impossible for those affected to return to work. In these situations, the government has a program to provide benefits for disabled workers who are unable to return to work. A Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven can help a person receive these important benefits.

What is Social Security?

Social security is a program set up by the federal government to help provide financial security for workers. Every pay, a fraction of a person’s paycheck is paid into the fund for social security. This program guarantees retirement benefits for workers. Also, social security also offers and insurance program that will pay workers benefits if they become disabled. Unfortunately, many qualified applicants for this program are denied these benefits.

What is a Qualified Disability?

The Social Security Administration defines a qualified disability as a medical condition that causes a person to be unable to work that will last at least one year or result in death. To receive benefits, a disabled worker has to begin the application process and provide all medical records and other proof of their disability. Unfortunately, many applications are denied simply because the application was incomplete or did not provide sufficient medical records.

Why Get a Lawyer?

A Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven assists in applying for social security benefits. They can assist in gathering all the information needed, as well as collecting or getting the proper medical records needed for the application. An attorney can ensure that the initial application is completed fully and properly to eliminate this type of denial. If the case is still denied, they can assist with an appeal and help fight all the way to the district judge for a fair determination of the case.

Disability benefits provide needed assistance for workers who are no longer able to work. Unfortunately, the process to get these benefits can be long and difficult. Attorneys, such as those at Bleakley Law Offices P C, understand the process and can help individuals navigate the process. This can help ensure qualified applicants get the benefits they are entitled to help them live with their disability.

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