Getting Started In The Cake Business

If you’re planning on starting a cake business, then you’re going to need the necessary supplies for baking and decorating. You can get wholesale cake supplies online or in some craft stores, saving money since you’re purchasing multiple items at one time instead of piece by piece. Make a list of the things that you plan to bake and sell as this will be beneficial when you go shopping.

Aside from the larger items that you’re going to need to bake cakes, such as an oven, you’re also going to need pans in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you want to save a little money and if you’re talented, then you could use round and square pans and cut the shapes that you need instead of getting shaped pans. Baking sheets and cupcake pans are also beneficial to have because not everyone might want a traditional cake. Cooling racks are good to have on hand as well. You can place your cakes on them to cool while you’re preparing the frosting and decorations.

Boxes are among the wholesale cake supplies that you’re going to need that you might not even think about getting. Get boxes in multiple sizes so that the cakes you make are secure in the container instead of having room to slide around. Cardboard is good to stock up on as well. It can be wrapped in aluminum foil and used as a base in the boxes for the cakes.

After you have the basics, you can start getting wholesale ingredients that are used to make the baked goods you’re going to sell. Store dry ingredients in sealed containers so that they stay fresh. This will also allow you to get larger containers of the items at one time, which usually means that the cost per unit won’t be as expensive.

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