Hair Removal: Laser or Shaver? Jan12


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Hair Removal: Laser or Shaver?

Why venture into laser hair removal when you have your plastic shaver in one of your bedroom drawers? It’s a fair question, and to answer it, the main benefit of laser hair removal compared with shaving is explained below.

A Lasting Solution to Unwanted Hair

Shaving may be something you do regularly, possibly a well ingrained habit. You could be shaving your legs, for example, once or twice a week. With laser hair removal in Chicago however, you could visit a specialist for an initial consultation. Thereafter, you might need to visit them up to six times to complete the treatment. Once that is done, your hair in the selected areas is removed, and does not grow back. This can save you all the time of regular shaving.

A Simple, Comfortable Experience

If you have ever considered getting laser hair removal in Chicago, you might have been worried about the chance of discomfort and any other side effects. The good news is that the treatment is very gentle, with only a small chance of minimal discomfort for some patients. Additionally, you do not have to take time off to recover from the laser hair removal treatment; you are fit to return to normal life right afterwards.

You Could Let a Professional Handle it

Shaving is by no means a hard thing to do. The beauty of modern shavers is that they have become more and more user-friendly. If you are, however, considering the more lasting solution of laser hair removal, you can relax knowing that an expert will take care of it. After a thorough examination, they can determine whether laser hair removal would be ideal for you and if they give the green light, you can rest assured that your treatment plan will be personalized for you.

If you would like to have laser hair removal in Chicago, be sure to get in touch with the Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery. You can find them online at Follow us on Google+.

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