Hardscaping Ideas to Improve Your Home’s Landscaping

Hardscaping is the non-living elements that are a part of your landscaping. Softscape means the living elements, such as grass, shrubs and flowers, so hardscape means decorative or usable items, such as a stone wall or brick pavers. While many DIY homeowners can easily install most of the softscape features of your landscaping, the hardscape features require the experience of hardscape contractors in Newport Coast CA. Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate hardscaping into your landscaping.

Stone Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is used on a slope to hold back material and prevent it from eroding away. The wall must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the material sliding on the slope. The materials used vary depending on the style of wall preferred, such as brick or stone. Building a retaining wall is hard work and it must be built with appropriate drainage. In most areas a retaining wall is about 3 feet tall and should be constructed by experienced hardscape contractors in Newport Coast CA. For ideas on various styles of retaining walls check out Westhillsmasonry.com.

Brick Patio

The installation of a patio is a great way to increase your outdoor living space as well as improve your home’s landscaping. Patios can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including tile or stone; however, brick patios are the most common for a number of reasons. A brick patio is extremely durable, attractive and should a brick ever get damaged, you won’t have to rip out the entire patio to repair the damage.

The installation of hardscaping can be extremely difficult work. Even when the climate conditions are good, hardscaping can be overwhelming, which is why homeowners should choose to hire professional hardscape contractors to do the work. Not only are some projects physically demanding, but they may also require the use of heavy equipment.

For more information about hardscaping check out Westhillsmasonry.com or you can contact West Hills Masonry to schedule a consultation.

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