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Have A Lawyer in Marietta GA Evaluate Your Case

For some reason, people actually believe they are ready to represent themselves when they face a lawsuit because they’ve watched a few episodes of court television or “Law & Order.” If it was that simple, we would have no need for law schools. The fact is that the laws of the land are complicated. While most are straightforward, there are many that have stipulations as to how, when, and length of time they can be enforced. As policies change and new laws are updated or enacted, jumping into any family law case without legal counsel is similar to jumping into a Roman gladiator coliseum with a paddle and no armor.

In the event that you should ever face a family court case, such as divorce, your Lawyer Marietta GA will be able to guide you through the procedures. You need to understand what your rights are and to what you’re entitled. Laws vary from state-to-state. That means that you need to understand if federal benefits, payments, entitlements, and such will be available or what can be disputed in your case. You may benefit from a jury trial over one ruled by a judge. You need to know when the time limits for you to file or answer specific actions expire. You don’t want to have your case damaged or dismissed because you presented yourself improperly. For instance, the 2012 ruling in Ennis v. Ennis made a major impact on jurisdiction regarding a divorce. Currently, Georgia is a state that leads in divorce, but new legislation may impact the waiting period for filing.

Don’t destroy your case by attempting a field in which you have no experience. Your Lawyer Marietta GA is trained to give you the legal counsel you need to determine your standing and chance of receiving what you are requesting so that you can determine if you want to pursue the lawsuit, go to trial, or attempt to reach a settlement. Sure, you could continue pro se if you study and prepare long enough, but you could be cheating yourself out of your entitlements or setting yourself up to pay a large amount because you simply don’t know what you don’t know about the legal system and the laws governing them. Let someone who makes it his job to stay abreast of current laws represent you so that you can concentrate your efforts on something else.

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