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Have Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums Checked at a Veterinary Clinic in Lenexa, KS

Because eight out of every ten pets experience periodontal disease before the age of three, dental care is an important component of caring for your dog or cat. Not only does gum disease lead to unsightly-looking teeth but it also produces bad breath. In addition, the bacteria that is produced from neglected gums circulates through a pet’s bloodstream, thereby infecting the internal organs as well.

When to See the Vet

If your pet has trouble chewing or displays swollen or red gums or if he or she paws at his or her mouth or drools, you need to schedule an appointment at a veterinary clinic in Lenexa, KS. Not only that, but a gum infection is painful. However, cats or dogs cannot adequately express this fact.

Besides examining the teeth and gums, regular dental cleanings are performed by veterinary clinic registered technicians. Soon after your pet arrives for the cleaning, a safe anesthesia is administered before the process. The anesthesia is needed to alleviate any stress for your pet.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

After your pet is anesthetized, the technician will remove tartar accumulation on the teeth. While a curette is used to clean under the gumline, an ultrasonic-type scaler is used for cleaning above the gumline. The teeth are then polished to prevent further buildup.

Full-mouth radiographs are taken at the veterinary clinic to review your animal’s oral health. The doctor reviews the images to see if further dental work is required, such as an extraction. When the cleaning and exam are completed, the technician applies an anti-bacterial solution to your pet’s teeth.

Once this routine dental cleaning and check-up is performed, you may want to ask the veterinary staff to show you the proper way to brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth. Places such as Cherokee Animal Clinic can also recommend toys or treats that can be used to encourage good and ongoing dental health.

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