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Here’s How to Use Lamp Posts of All Shapes and Sizes to Decorate Your Yard

Instead of a traditional outdoor light to illuminate the exterior of your Palm Coast, FL, home, consider a decorative option that adds a bit more personality to your yard. Consider the layout of your yard as well as the features that you want to highlight before making a final decision about the kind of decorative lamp post you want to get to enhance your outdoor space. You should also consider the placement of the post as well since you’re going to need to choose a globe and light that are both large enough to illuminate the area while not overwhelming the post.

Streetlight Designs

If you’ve ever walked along a city sidewalk, then you’ve probably noticed the classic streetlight globes and posts that line the walkway. You can usually find smaller versions of these for your yard. There are wooden and metallic posts that you can get depending on the time that you have for maintaining it along with a variety of globe shapes and designs. This is a design that can look elegant or one that can be designed so that it’s a bit more modern and playful with brighter colors and metallic features.

Box Lights

If you don’t want a tall post in your yard, there are box lamps with shorter posts that you can get. Since these sit closer to the ground, they could be used in gardens or along walkways. They are also an option to consider if you have benches in your yard or if there are decorations that are positioned close to the ground instead of those that are taller. The box-style decorative lamp post design usually has multiple bulbs inside because of the larger size.

Water Light Features Illuminate a pool or water feature that you have in your yard with clear globes and post that are white or silver. While they illuminate the water, they aren’t noticed as easily as other posts because of the lighter color.

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