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High-Volume and Emergency CPVC Fittings for Multiple Industries

Pipes made with Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride, or CPVC, are ideal for hot water systems, fire-control applications and the movement of corrosive materials. CPVS pipes and CPVS fittings have high longevity and are a cost-effective, planet-friendly and versatile first choice for a widening number of projects within the country.

Types of Fittings

CPVC pipe fittings are for systems designed to get media between two places that don’t connect in a straight line. They come in many sizes to handle flows with multiple direction and pipe-size changes. These encompass bends or elbows, caps, plugs, eccentric and concentric reducers, crosses, hammer unions, tees, outlets, nipples, stub ends, wyes, laterals, unions and more.

Our company has experience in rapid dispatch, shipments for larger projects and disaster management and relief. We have the means ready for quickly-sourced orders or materials for emergency repair, dependably shipped wherever needed promptly.

Pipe Fittings for Multiple Industrial Applications

In addition to water drainage and construction, we supply CPVC pipe fittings for telecoms, agriculture, civil works, refineries and related industries. We operate not only in the US but also globally with logistics for supplying overseas activities.

Competitively-Priced Pipe Fittings

We’re a provider of superior services and products for the construction, industrial, waterworks and telecom sectors. Whether for inventory replenishment or high-level emergencies, we provide excellent service across the board. Even if it’s single replacement CPVC pipe fittings or high-volume shipments by chartered aircraft we specialize in emergency supplies for remote operations.

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