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Hire Residential Asphalt Contractors to Install a Durable Driveway

A well-built and maintained asphalt driveway is an important part of a home’s curb appeal. An aging driveway filled with cracks and potholes isn’t just unattractive; it can cause falls and injuries. Homeowners can partner with Residential asphalt contractors to ensure their driveway is constructed and maintained properly. Proper maintenance can add years to any paved surface.

Water is one of the biggest causes of asphalt failure. Therefore when asphalt paving companies design a driveway, they have to make sure there is proper drainage beneath the surface. Installing a driveway is very similar to building a small road. Contractors have to excavate enough ground to ensure the driveway will be flush with the existing landscape. Then they have to add enough coarse gravel to allow subsurface water to move easily away from the asphalt. Once the Residential asphalt contractors pour the final black asphalt layer, homeowners will love the way it frames their yard.

However, they have to understand that this surface needs to be maintained to withstand the weather and daily use. They should ask their paving contractor to recommend a maintenance schedule. Usually, a protective sealant should be applied to asphalt pavement every two to three years. Property owners should keep an eye on their paved areas during these intervals. If they notice their normally black pavement is starting to turn gray, they should call their paving contractor for an inspection. This is a sign the pavement is deteriorating.

Cracks in the pavement can allow water to seep into the lower layers of the pavement. Temperature changes can then cause the water to expand and contract, which weakens the pavement. Contractors such as Teague’s Asphalt can fill these cracks quickly. This prevents cracks from becoming potholes. They use a very hot sealant to fill the cracks. This sealant remains flexible after it has dried. It is able to expand and contract as the temperature changes. Some homeowners attempt to do this task themselves with compounds they buy at their hardware store. This material does not maintain its flexibility as well. Professional asphalt maintenance will keep the pavement in the best shape possible.

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