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Hotels in Long Beach CA with the Authentic Long Beach Vibe

If you are going to be travelling to Long Beach CA you want to be sure that you are booking at hotels in Long Beach CA that will give you the authentic experience you want. The fact is that chain hotels just do everything so generically that you could be in Ann Arbor, Orlando or Long Beach and have the same exact setting. Making the most out of your trip starts with totally immersing yourself in the local culture.

The Vibe

Like most of California, Long Beach is laid back yet vibrant. The perfect hotels in Long Beach CA should reflect the local culture by offering personalized experiences. The right hotels understand that eco-friendly practices are a must if you want to really reflect how Californians feel about the environment. The hotel should:

  • Have a variety of room options
  • Be nicely appointed
  • Offer a welcoming staff that is focused on creating positive experiences for guests
  • Be centrally located

The vibe in the hotel should be welcoming and it should offer the space that accommodates you perfectly whether it is a space built for a couple of guests or an entire apartment, the space should fit your party comfortably.

The Décor

Leave the plain jane décor of chain hotels behind and choose a hotel that offers bespoke décor with a boutique hotel feel at a fair price point. Whether you plan on spending a lot of time at the hotel during your stay or you plan on just sleeping, you want to be surrounded by beautiful things that will lift your spirits. There is one hotel that really has been designed and decorated with the Long Beach vibe in mind! Hotel Current has the perfect space for your upcoming stay, book online and secure your reservation!

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