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How Do You Know When to Get a Home Inspection in Wichita, KS?

Many people think a home inspection is an unnecessary expense. However, the relatively low home inspection pricing in Wichita, KS, is an investment that helps you avoid sinking your savings into a money pit. Here are three times when you should consider getting your home inspected.

Buying a Home

The most common reason to get a home inspection is that you’re purchasing a home. Mortgage companies often require an inspection, but don’t skip it because you’re paying cash. An inspection is especially important if you’re purchasing an older home.

Before a Remodeling Project

Starting a construction project on a home that isn’t structurally sound can cause major problems, so avert disaster by getting a full inspection before any remodeling work. Remember to factor home inspection pricing in Wichita, KS, into your budget or choose a contractor who includes an inspection in the cost.

Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know that a home inspection can lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums? Insurers usually charge less for a home that has a clean bill of health, and many require an inspection before they will sell you a policy. Make sure the inspector you hire is approved by your insurance company.

Do you need an inspection for a home you’re purchasing or one you already own? Twister City Inspections offers quality, comprehensive home inspections.

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