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How Eclipse Shades Protect Your Vision

Years ago, the sky would go dark for a few minutes in the daytime and people became afraid. Today we understand it is simply a solar eclipse but many people still fail to realize the importance of protecting your vision. Here is what happens when you stare at an eclipse without the proper solar eclipse shades to protect your eyes.

Some people may tell you it is perfectly fine to view a solar eclipse without any kind of eye protection and they are partly correct. During the time of “totality” there are no harmful rays from the sun. However, this doesn’t last very long and once the “totality period” is over, there is little difference between viewing the eclipse and staring directly at the sun (when it comes to retina damage).

Solar Retinopathy

The retina of an eye is like the coating on the back of a mirror. When direct sunlight enters the eyeball it over stimulates the tiny rods and cones in the retina. This causes a release of chemicals which can damage your retina.

Normally, you wouldn’t sit and stare at the sun, because the light is so bright it would create a painful experience. However, one can stare directly at a solar eclipse (without eclipse shades) and not feel pain. Yet the same kind of damage is still being done to the retinas. Although you may not go completely blind, you could suffer serious vision problems for months, years, or it could be permanent. Some people have reported pain while others may see ghost images for a very long time.

What Can Happen?

Suppose you decide to ignore all safety advice and stare directly at a solar eclipse. At first, you may notice no problems at all, but after a few hours you could experience:

 * Vision distortion
 * Watery or painful eyes
 * Blind spots
 * Pain when viewing bright lights
 * Difficulty seeing details

Most people recover from solar retinopathy but it can take up to a year. However, there is no guarantee the damage will not be permanent.

Why Use Eclipse Shades?

There are only two ways to ensure you do not suffer eye damage during the eclipse. You can choose not to view it, or view it safely. Most people who view eclipses opt for inexpensive viewers. As long as your viewer is CE and ISO certified, you should not have any kind of problems. There really is no reason to take chances with your vision when proper optics are readily available and affordable. In fact, you can order your viewers online for maximum convenience and enjoy the benefits of home delivery.

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