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How to Become an Administrator with These Tips

If you have always felt you excel in leadership skills and are also great in art, then you might want to combine those two strengths. There are great schools that can provide you with an Arts Administration Masters. With this degree, it shows how much of a leader you are and how well you work with and apply art to your everyday life.

Application Process

Unfortunately, you cannot wiggle your nose, and BOOM, you have a masters degree in your field of study. Getting degrees simply do not work like that. If you want to get a masters degree in Arts Administration, then, like with most degrees, you have to follow the art school’s standard application process and requirements. This is obviously a prestigious degree, so there are several documents you must send to most schools in order for them to consider you a candidate for their school. Most schools require your undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendations (typically three), a four year bachelor’s degree, an application fee, and a purpose statement. If you are applying to a very prestigious and popular art school, they probably also want some sort of portfolio. With technology, these portfolios can be an e-portfolio, which means you submit your writing and other work electronically. You must make sure you check the art school’s website to ensure you send in all necessary application documents.

After Application Received Process

You know the waiting process for a school’s decision can seem endless and be quite nerve-wracking. Although it is stressful, you should want a school that is hard to get admittance, because they tend to offer the best education. If you are considered for admission, most schools make you come in for an interview. You must make sure you bring your resume to the interview. This interview that some schools hold for admissions is only conducted for those who have passed the preliminary application process.

If you are looking for an Arts Administration Masters, please visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at http://www.saic.edu/.

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