How To Choose Between Tandem Axle and Single Trailer Spindle in Minnesota Mar09


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How To Choose Between Tandem Axle and Single Trailer Spindle in Minnesota

An automotive business will be called to service any type of vehicle, so it pays to be informed. Customers may be looking for service or supplies for trailers with tandem axles or Single Trailer Spindle in Minnesota.

If a trailer has a single set of wheels, it is a single axle trailer and will require single trailer spindles. A trailer with a double set of wheels indicates a tandem axle.

Single Axle Trailers

Single axle trailers are more maneuverable and easier to handle when a parking area is tight. Fuel efficiency is another bonus for single axle trailers which tend to weigh less and allow towing angles to be adjusted. Since single axle trailers have only two wheels, tire replacement and costs are lower than tandem axle trailers. On the other hand, the smaller size of the easy to maneuver single axle trailer can mean that hauling capacity will be limited.

Tandem Axle Trailers

With a tandem axle trailer, the extra set of wheels allows for better weight distribution. More distribution translates to the ability to haul more weight with added stability at higher speeds. Unlike the single axle trailers, tandem trailers do require the even and level distribution of any load to avoid uneven wear on tires. Tandem trailers do cost more, but the ability to accommodate larger loads may be more valuable to some customers than cost. Plus, the resale value of tandem trailers tends to be higher and may prove to maintain a higher return on its initial investment.

How To Choose

Which type of trailer to choose depends on the customer’s needs. If a customer hauls frequent low-weight loads and values maneuverability and low cost, the single axle trailer will be the way to go. If a customer tends to pull heavier loads at highway speeds, or if there is a possibility that their hauling needs will expand over time, they will want to choose the tandem axle trailer.

Regardless of axle type, most axle components such as spindles and hubs will require replacement at some point. Be sure to find the best supply for all automotive parts including tandem axles and Single Trailer Spindle in Minnesota by visiting

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