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How to Choose the Correct Size for Advertising Banners

When you first approach a banner printing service to create your advertising signs, you are probably thinking more about the design and what you can afford. You’ll be trying to get the most you can out of your budget, and that often means making compromises on things like how many colors or graphics are used in the design. One thing you should carefully consider before you compromise, however, is the size of your banners.

Top Tip from a Banner Printing Service: Make Sure People Can Read Your Banners

Our top tip for designing the right banner size is to make sure everyone can see your message. If you are hanging your banners in a place where the nearest traffic (whether on foot or otherwise) is a bit farther away than you’d like, you’ll need to get bigger banners. You need people to see you, and human eyes are naturally drawn to the largest things in their line of sight. Keep your banner large, and hang it lower down, so that traffic from farther off will notice the message and be able to see it.

Keep Your Banner Proportional to the Location

If you don’t need to worry about traffic issues, then you’ll want to consider the proportions of where the banner will be hung. If you have a small hole-in-the-wall shop, a huge banner can overwhelm and make your shop appear underwhelming by comparison. On the other hand, a small banner on a large building looks halfhearted. Choose a size that matches the proportions of the location where it will be displayed. Consider how it will be displayed as well. Banners should always be hung so that they are taut, to keep out wrinkles, and the message should be able to be clearly read.

Smaller Banners Can Work with Different Display Options

If you have to choose smaller banners, one of the things that our banner printing service offers is banner stands, which make it easier for you to make an impact. These keep your smaller banners displayed lower down, which ensures that they are still eye-catching despite their smaller size. This is perfect for stores that don’t have the ability to hang a banner, or that have great foot traffic and want to capitalize on that fact.

If you want to get started with your banner design, contact New York Banner Stands today by calling us at 1-800-516-7606.

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