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How to Deal with Adderall Comedown Symptoms

Abusing a drug like Adderall or going cold turkey can lead to a crash. You can experience withdrawal symptoms as a result. Here’s what you can do.

Know the signs

It’s not always easy to realize you are already dependent on the drug. But if you have ADHD, then you require Adderall to improve your alertness and concentration. However, if you are already taking doses of the drug much more than the dosage recommended by your doctor, then that could be an indication that you’re already suffering from drug abuse.

Understand the situation

If you take Adderall for a long time, that’s going to make your system tolerant to the drug. Frequent doses also have the same effect. When the effects wear off, you may suffer from several Adderall comedown symptoms.

Are you undergoing withdrawal?

Adderall comedown symptoms can include fatigue, sleep problems and difficulties, and depression, the Medical Daily says. Symptoms can also mean undergoing changes in your appetite, getting suicidal thoughts, growing agitation, increased irritability, suffering from a mental fog and more.

Wait it out or not?

There are plenty of ways to deal with the situation. For those who don’t use Adderall all that often, the withdrawal symptoms are less likely to be severe so waiting them out for the next few weeks is a good course of action. However, if you suffer from severe symptoms during the withdrawal process, then it may be time to talk to your doctor.

Consult a doctor

Your doctor may recommend adjusting your dosage to reduce the negative side effects of using the drug. However, your doctor may also recommend the use of a supplement like ADDBack. With the right supplement to counter the adverse health effects of Adderall, patients like you can look forward to a more comfortable and safer withdrawal process.

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