How to Find Heavy Truck Parts and Replacements for Your Vehicle in Alberta Sep18


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How to Find Heavy Truck Parts and Replacements for Your Vehicle in Alberta

Finding replacement parts for your large heavy truck can be a challenge at times, but it doesn’t have to be if you know of a company supplying heavy truck wreckers in Alberta. A heavy truck wreckers company will often piece and part out old trucks, allowing you to find the parts that may not be in production anymore.

How Does Finding a Replacement Piece Work?

The best thing you can do is pick up the phone or head down to the actual salvage lot for heavy truck wreckers in Alberta. While you can call and inquire if a certain piece is available, if you head to the lot in person, you can get a better idea of what is actually on offer. If the lot doesn’t have exactly what you need for your semi or other large truck, they may have something that is close enough in size and make to fit.

Keep the Heavy Truck Wreckers in the Back of Your Mind

While everyone hopes their rig lasts forever, at some point, it may be time to give yours up when paying for continual repairs costs more than simply buying a new rig. If you are at that point, then consider heading back to the heavy truck wreckers lot for a salvage quote. Since they piece and part out the trucks they buy, they may give you a higher price if you have a rig with parts that are in high demand compared to a salvage lot that is simply pricing your truck on the price of metal.

For the last three decades, Provincial Powertrain Limited has been serving the greater Alberta area helping heavy-duty truck operators find the parts and equipment they need, including used parts, new OEM parts, and aftermarket parts, and can be reached at

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