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How To Find the Best Drainage Systems in Wakefield MA

The basement of any home can be one of the most susceptible areas of the structure to suffer damage from excessive water or flooding. Many homeowners are simply unaware aware the fact that it is possible for their basement to be waterproofed. While this can be accomplished in many different ways, installing a drainage system can greatly mitigate this problem. This guide will help those who need assistance with installing drainage systems in Wakefield MA.

What Types of Drainage Are There?

One specialized type of drainage systems in Wakefield MA is a french drain, which is an interior basement system. This relieves the hydrostatic pressure and also reduces the high water table against the foundation which is caused by inferior drainage on the outside of the foundation. This works best for those who have a poured concrete foundation and are having water seepage where the wall and floor merge, or where there is a high water table that pushes water up through the floor. This system also works for those who have a stone or cinder block foundation.

How Will This Work?

A French Drain System is installed by first taking out a portion of the floor along the perimeter of the foundation wall. This will create a trench, in which the contractor will place a bed of 3/4″ washed stone followed by 4″ polyvinyl chloride pipes which are connected and pitched towards the sump pump and pit. This is then buried in washed stone which creates a clear path for water flow to find the sump pump system.

Are There Other Drainage Options?

Customers can also opt for the installation of a reinforced flexible membrane which can be wrapped around the foundation. This will stop moisture penetration as well as seal out ground vapors. This method is tough and durable and is also resistant to tears. The better contractors will offer a lifetime warranty on this type of method.

Deal With a Leader in Dry Basements and Foundation Crack Repair

To learn more about a full-service basement waterproofing contractor who also specializes in concrete crack repair, browse our website. Customers can learn about a company with more than 30 years of experience that are so confident in their work that they offer guaranteed solutions for leaky basements.

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