How to Make the Most of Ants Control Services in Arlington, VA

Getting rid of ants inside of a home can be a difficult process, which is why most homeowners choose to utilize Ants Control Services in Arlington VA instead of attempting DIY exterminations. Even those who have decided to entrust this process to professionals have a few steps they can take toward ensuring success, though. Read on to find out how to make the most of a visit from a pest control service below.

Importance of Adequate Preparation

Lack of preparation can cause ant treatments to be unsafe or could cause reinfestation since most companies will not treat those areas that have not been adequately prepared. The preparation process is described briefly below. It should be noted that those who choose to use over-the-counter ant control products should also carefully follow the manufacturers’ preparation instructions for safe use.

How to Prepare

First, wipe down all counters, sweep floors, and clean up any liquids that have spilled in the area to prevent ants from having other food sources that could distract them from the bait placed by exterminators. Even small crumbs must be removed, and any remaining food must be stored in pest-proof containers or refrigerators. The trash should also be emptied regularly, recyclables should be rinsed before collection, and pet food should be put away after dogs and cats are finished eating.

After Pest Control

The best way to get the most from Ants Control Services in Arlington VA is to ensure all areas of the home being affected by ants have been prepared adequately and that technicians know where the ants have been noticed in the home. Once the exterminators have left, there are also a few steps homeowners can take to prevent reinfestation. These include avoiding strong household cleaners near the ant bait, which often takes some time to take effect, and avoiding disturbing any ants found in the area of the bait.

Get Started Today

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