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How to Prevent a Leaky Basement in Cambridge MA

If you’re looking for help with a leaky basement in Cambridge, MA, you’re dealing with an issue that you’ll want to resolve as soon as possible. Leaky or wet basements threaten the home in several ways, leaving its foundation and walls vulnerable to rot, mold and dampness. Left untreated, these issues can result in extremely expensive issues that will take a lot of money and time to fix. Listed below are some ways that you can prevent or deal with leaky basement issues. Contact us if you have an emergency.

Gutter Extensions
Downspouts may be dumping water too close to your home. If that’s the case with your home setup, add gutter extensions. These extensions are made out of plastic or metal, and they push water out further away from your home so that your basement and foundation don’t get soaked during downpours. If you’re able to afford it, you could consider getting underground drain pipe installed so that everything is nicely hidden away.

Rebuild the Crown Soil
When your house was built, it was built on top of a crown of soil that slopes about half a foot past the first ten feet of land around the house. That soil settles after a certain period of time, a situation that prevents water from draining away from the house as it should. By building back this crown, you’ll be able to stop water from draining into the house.

Waterproof Walls
Waterproofing the walls is a great next step if you want to get water out and prevent it from coming in. By adding exterior waterproofing to the house, you’ll be able to stop water from getting into the house in the first place.

Contact us, if you’d like to speak with DRYCRETE Waterproofing about your leaky basement in Cambridge, MA.

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