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How to tell if your AC Unit was Installed Correctly

Installing an AC unit is not a DIY project. Even with a pro at the helm with all the equipment they need, it may take a few days if not a few weeks. But when it’s done, you’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to tell whether or not it actually worked. Indeed, we don’t really think about our AC units as much as we likely should. So how are we supposed to know whether it’s working properly or not after it’s been installed? If you’re looking to hire air conditioning services in Ajax ON and are asking yourself this very question, the answers are as follows.


If you can’t hear your AC unit, then everything is probably fine. These machines are meant to run as silently as possible when operating at peak capacity. True, machines such as these will always make nose, being a machine comprised of fans, motors, and compressors, each device practically built from the ground up to make noise. However, the noise should be low, only noticeable when you get close or are actively listening for it. Otherwise it’s just low enough white noise to fade into the background of your auditory spectrum.


Technicians use a special method to measure the efficiency of an AC unit, known as SEER. This is a number that allows one to determine how expensive it will be to run the AC unit over a season. If the air conditioner in question has been installed correctly, the costs should meet the estimate to a tee. If the condition of the unit is poor, however, its estimate will likely not even come close to its SEER. The SEER should be checked and double checked often when installing a unit

Repair-scarce Operation

What this means is that while nothing is free from repair forever, even when installed perfectly, a well installed unit won’t need any repairs for a while. This is because, when installed correctly, an air conditioning unit won’t suffer any kind of physical damage or malfunction in any way after being installed, because the technician followed all of the rules they were supposed to. If you thought you could save money by hiring an amateur to install your AC for you, then make no mistake, that saved money is going to be spent on repairing the damage done by their amateur work.

If you want an installation company that will meet all three of these criteria in their installation, look no further than Twintech Heating and Cooling.

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