How to Use the Advantages of Backlit Printing For Compelling Ads

It is easy to lose oneself in the vast sea of advertisements clamoring for an audience. Each new sign or poster uses more drastic color schemes and contrast methods to attract a larger client base. One way to get your campaign to stand out in an increasingly competitive atmosphere is to employ backlit printing.

How Does it Work?

As suggested in the wording, backlit printing services use a light source behind a two-dimensional display to make the message come alive uniquely and compellingly. Colors become brilliant and text achieves stunning relief. Backlit displays even capture the textures on the canvas. Using the technique from backlit printing services is an eye-catching way to attract new clients and an inspirational means to deliver your message.

Uses of Backlit Printing Services

With backlit displays, you can be cost-effective without sacrificing quality. This art form works well in areas of high traffic because it demands attention.

Cinema lobbies

Shopping malls


Subway or bus stations

Building fronts

You have no doubt seen backlit displays at work in hospital directory signs, menus at drive-up restaurants, and rental car kiosks to name a few. The key aspects they have in common are that they attract your attention, and they are memorable.


One of the most appealing features of backlit displays is they give you to the ability to use high-quality materials at a low cost. This permits great flexibility as you choose your media.

Posters and banners – Good for booths

Paper – You can create a high-quality display with these simple products; Think car dealerships and outdoor venue entrances

Fabric – An excellent way to provide color contrast and highlight texture differences

Polyester – A long-lasting effect

Adhesive-backed vinyl – Vinyl gives class and durability to backlit displays and adhesive backing allows you to make frequent interchanges, ideal for the announcement of new events or products

Where to Go

If you need to add a compelling and eye-catching element to your ads or announcements, contact Blue Sky Digital Printing to begin your backlit display project.

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