How Treatment Centers Can Transform Their Services with AZZLY

AZZLY provides behavioral healthcare providers and addiction treatment centers with a way to improve their patient and business outcomes. From taking in a patient to tracking their progress, the behavioral health practice management software has a solution for almost every process. The essential tools that make the system an all-in-one solution are:

• Electronic health records

• Echart – integrated care pathways™

• Outcome measurement tools

• Integrated billing/claims/clearinghouse

• Reports/analytics engine

• Telehealth

• Mobility

• Patient engagement

The team behind the software is still working towards perfecting the solution. The latest development, AZZLY Rize, tries to provide an easy-to-use, resource-packed solution for clinicians. Because the EHR and RCM software use modern web technology, users can access most of the system features right from any device with a browser.

Among the key features propelling the adoption of AZZLY Rize is its support for migrations. Users can migrate data from their current system without worrying about disruptions to the business process. Moreover, AZZLY Rize supports HIPAA compliant communication. This addition ensures that the information interchange among staff members and from patients to clinicians is all secure.

Once a healthcare center decides to start using the behavioral health practice management software, trainers educate the center’s staff on effective utilization of the system. The training sessions may either be one-on-one or in cohorts. Their structure is such that they do not interfere with normal operations.

To understand how the system can make a difference in your behavioral and addiction treatment center, call 1 (888) 400-3201. You can also contact AZZLY via their website

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