If Your Car is Shaking, Here Are a Few of the Most Common Causes Jul12


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If Your Car is Shaking, Here Are a Few of the Most Common Causes

Typically, your vehicle provides you with a smooth, safe ride, allowing you to arrive at your destination on time. Sometimes, however, that smooth ride is replaced by a shaking sensation that can be very disconcerting. As a proud provider of pre-owned vehicles in Gurnee, we offer these suggestions as to why your car may be shaking as you drive along the road.

Tire Problems

As the only component of your vehicle that actually contacts the road, your tires are one of the more common culprits of a shaking vehicle. Shaking in your tires may be caused by imbalanced tires, a problem which requires small weights to be attached to the tires to ensure they wear evenly. If your tires aren’t wearing evenly, this could also be a cause for shaking as the different tread heights roll over the road unevenly, leading to a bumping or shaking sensation.

Problems with Your Brakes

Another common culprit for a shaky vehicle is the brakes. Though there are a few possible causes, worn and warped rotors are the most common cause of shaking in your brakes. Over time, the heat created from braking causes the metal in the rotors to bend ever so slightly, which causes the brake caliper to contact the rotor unevenly, leading to vibrations or pulses that can cause your vehicle to shake.

Engine Issues

If you notice your vehicle shaking when you’re idling, the most probable cause is a problem in the engine. Most of the time, a rough idle is caused by something simple, such as a dirty mass air flow sensor. This sensor controls the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber, meaning that an improper reading could lead to uneven combustion that presents itself as a rough idle and a shaky vehicle. Before we sell pre-owned vehicles in Gurnee, we check for all these issues to ensure any vehicle you purchase will be ready to go.

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