I’m Missing Teeth Due to Diabetes. What Are My Options Besides a Bridge? Jul30


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I’m Missing Teeth Due to Diabetes. What Are My Options Besides a Bridge?

Almost 10 percent of Americans have diabetes. Two million new cases occur yearly. Nine million people aren’t aware they have diabetes. Diabetes causes dry mouth or a lack of saliva. Saliva washes bacteria and sugars away from the teeth.

As a result of this lack of saliva, diabetics are susceptible to , cavities, and infections. Your dentist in Bucks County will also tell you diabetes causes bone loss. The strength of the jawbone is controlled by chewing. If teeth are missing, the bone is reabsorbed by the body.

Dental Options For Missing Teeth

Your dentist will take an X-ray to judge the extent of the bone loss. He may or may not need to graft bone to the jawbone to make it take an implant. Following this, you will discuss with him your options: a fixed bridge or implants.

Fixed Bridges

Your dentist in Bucks County will take an impression of your teeth and empty spaces and send it off to a lab for making the bridge. He will prepare the spaces with a titanium screw beside the teeth supporting the bridge. He’ll place a temporary bridge until the permanent one arrives. The fixed bridge will then be cemented in place, look like normal teeth, not require removal for cleaning and is cheaper than implants.


Many people aren’t aware that the implant screws are well tolerated by the body. They grow into the jawbone like the root of a tooth. The dentist will take an impression of your mouth, sending it to the lab for your crown or denture to be made. He will insert the screws while you wait for the teeth to arrive. These could take months to heal. The dentist will then attach the crown or denture to the screws. They’ll look and act like normal teeth, be cleaned the same way, and without the irritation of removable dentures.

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