Important Infant Care Tips For First-Time Parents in Summerville, SC

If you’re a first-time parent, you will likely have prepared for the extra precautions you’ll need to take in caring for your infant. In addition to knowing the location of an infant hospital care in Summerville, SC, you can avoid many emergencies by following the tips mentioned below.

Always Wash Your Hands

An infant’s immune system is just beginning to develop, which means they’re at a greater risk of exposure to biological threats. You can reduce the chances that your baby will get sick by making sure you thoroughly wash your hands before handling the baby or their toys and bottles.

Never Shake Your Baby

Even if you’re never rattled by your baby’s crying, it’s important to keep in mind that any sudden movements can cause trauma to the head, neck, or spine of an infant. In addition to being careful not to shake a baby, you should also avoid rough play. Before bouncing a baby in your leg or tossing them in the air, talk to your baby’s pediatrician.

Always Support the Head and Neck

If you’re concerned that your baby has suffered a head or neck injury, immediately admit them into infant hospital care in Summerville, SC. However, you should do everything you can to prevent this type of injury. This includes always supporting the head and neck as you hold the baby. Additionally, be sure they have strollers and car seats that support their head during movement.

Your infant also needs regular checkups to ensure they’re developing properly as they grow. To schedule an appointment for your infant, contact Palmetto Pediatrics by visiting their website at

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