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Important Information About Freighters and Craters in Salt Lake City

Selecting a qualified company to pack and ship your items can be a tricky process. You have to make sure that the crates that are being offered to you will protect your items while they are being transported. Not all freighters and craters in Salt Lake City offer the same services and options.

What if you have items that have to be kept at a certain temperature to avoid damage? You’ll have to make sure any Freighters and Craters that you deal with offer temperature-controlled crates. Since you are the one who knows your items the best, it’s up to you to make sure the company you hire knows which items need to be in temperature-controlled crates. Quality companies will be able to give you free quotes once they have all of your vital information.

It’s important to become familiar with the different terms used by freighters and craters in the Salt Lake City area. Full crates are large crates that can hold a single item or multiple items in one space. There are also combination crates that have separate compartments that allow items to be kept from coming into contact with each other. Crates can have different types of lining inside of them. Lining is typically some type of foam. Styrofoam is a popular choice for many companies. Polyfoam and sponge foam are also available. If you want, you can request to have individual items wrapped in foam so that they have extra protection. Crates can also be shrink wrapped.

Companies will offer different cargo-loading services to customers. One type of service is the live-load service. This is when an empty container is delivered to you so that you can pack your own items. The container is then picked up by the service and delivered. The pick-up time is usually scheduled in advance. It’s usually only a few hours between container delivery and the time it is picked up. There is also a warehouse-loading service. With this service, you deliver your items to the company and the company packs and ships them. Some business owners prefer having the shipping company do most of the preparation for delivery.

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