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Improve Patients’ Smiles With the Latest in Dental Technology

Over the past few years, new technology like an Itero digital scanner has made a significant impact on the dentistry field. Dental professionals are taking advantage of the influx of new and improved dental technological advances. They recognize how ground-breaking devices help them offer more effective and efficient services in their practice.

Here’s a quick look at the latest in dental technology that helps dentists deliver optimal performance and treatments for patients.

New Ways to Treat Gum Disease

Regenerative procedures have become a significant part of gum disease treatment. Proteins, membranes and bone grafts are used to stimulate tissue growth. In essence, this works to regenerate bone and tissue and is very beneficial in fighting gum disease.

Some devices can go under the gum line and around the root where regular tools could not reach.

Laser Technology Detects Cavities

Most likely, you are familiar with using the explorer to detect cavities. Today, a laser does a better job of detecting these holes that can grow bigger and deeper if left untreated. Some dentists prefer using a diode laser when they are trying to find cavities and tooth decay in their patients.

Dental Implants Last Longer

One common dental procedure today is dental implants. Not only are more patients choosing this procedure to improve their smile, but dental implants are also more dependable. In the past, these teeth replacements were prone to failing. However, new technology allows them to have a higher success rate. Typically, patients can expect their implants to last for 15 years or longer.

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