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Installing Systems to Accept Multiple Forms of Payments in Your Shop

As the owner of a repair shop, you rely on your customers to pay you for the services that you render to them. You cannot afford for any of them to skip out on what they owe you. You need their payments in order to generate revenue to cover your own expenses and pay your employees. However, many people today do not carry cash on them. They prefer to pay their repair shop bills with credit or debit cards. By installing auto repair POS software, you can accept multiple forms of payment and recoup money that is owed to you quickly and efficiently.

Accepting Card Payments

Because many people only carry credit or debit cards on them, you have to be able to accommodate customers who prefer these methods of payment. If you only accept cash or checks, you could lose out on business and customers. You face either having to cut back significantly on your repair shop services or go out of business altogether. When you install auto repair POS software in your shop, you can run and accept payments from debit and credit card customers right away. They can slide their cards to render payments to you. Their financial institutions can then send you the money or direct deposit it in your bank account.

Affordable Merchant Fees

When you invest in one of these payments systems, you want to select one that will not charge exorbitant merchant fees for processing payments. You would rather not pass on that cost to your customers. You prefer to absorb it yourself and possibly use it as a tax write-off as an item of business expenditure. POS software developers provide you with the merchant fees upfront. You will know what it will cost your business to process card payments.

You can find out more about software options for your auto repair business with eGenuity.

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