Interesting Facts That You Never Knew About Collecting Ceramics Nov19


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Interesting Facts That You Never Knew About Collecting Ceramics

While ceramic is most closely associated with pottery, there are many uses for the material. Many people do not realize this. Here are some other interesting facts about ceramic that many people may not know.

Typess of Bonds

Ceramics have two types of bonds. They are covalent bonds and ionic bonds. This is why they are widely used in electrical supplies and also in the thermal insulation industry.

Uses Besides Art

Besides being used for ceramic gifts Royal Tunbridge Wells, ceramic is also used for building products, industrial supplies, and household items.

Creation of Ceramics

Generally speaking, ceramic is created by a combination of several things. These include clay, powders, earthen elements, and water. After thoroughly mixing these, the resultant substance can be formed by hand or by machine into virtually anything that the user desires. After the ceramic is shaped, it is placed into a high-temperature oven called a kiln where it is fired. The firing process hardens the ceramic into place.


Ceramic has been around for tens of thousands of years. The earliest ceramic found so far by archaeologists dates back to 28000 BC and was a figurine of a woman. It was found in the remains of a prehistoric Czech village. The earliest form of pottery was found in China and dates back to 18000 BC.

While you may not find Ceramic Gifts Royal Tunbridge Wells that old, you can still find some very interesting handmade items. Make sure to stop in and see what they have to offer.

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