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International Student Loans and Admissions Help

The path to college and graduate education in the US and Canada can be difficult for many international students particularly for residents of nations in the India sub-continent, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The testing requirements include language competency including TOEFL and IELTS as well as educational attainment such as the GRE/GMAT requirements. Whether the desired field of study is technical like computer science and engineering or social such as education or linguistics, we can help identify institutions that match your interests and goals.

– Admissions Assistance
Admissions policies and procedures vary significantly among educational institutions. In the US and Canada, there is a mix of public-supported and private educational institutions. Further, there is a wide range of institutions including some recent entries into the international education field. We can guide you on the way to selecting institutions and understanding the admission requirements.

Colleges and universities also require proof of financial ability to complete the requested length of education including tuition and fees, housing, health insurance, food, and transportation. We can assist students and families that seek to gain admission, scholarships and funding.

-Financial Assistance
The keys to successful admission include completing applications, providing required test results, and meeting the requirements for student Visa into the US and Canada. Both for admission and successful study abroad, students must demonstrate financial capacity to support themselves while pursuing degrees.

Undergraduate or graduate study in the US or Canada is a valuable opportunity to grow and expand the career horizons. The costs are substantial. Many international students will benefit from our resources for international student loans without cosigner. We can assist the student’s search for scholarships, student finance options, and provide admissions help. If you or someone you know seeks admission to college or graduate education in the US or Canada, then call us; we can help. Visit us at https://www.nomadcredit.com for more details. Follow us on Google+.

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