Involved in an Accident? A Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT Could Help You Nov04


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Involved in an Accident? A Personal Injury Attorney in Storrs CT Could Help You

A personal injury attorney is an attorney who concentrates on a specific area of law practice, such as personal injury from an automobile accident. A personal Injury Attorney Storrs CT area can represent you in the litigation process and work with insurance companies and other lawyers in regard to personal injury claims. If you receive a personal injury and you believe it is due to negligence from another party you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to file a claim.

For example, a personal injury claim could be filed due to injury from an automobile accident or a motorcycle accident. A medical malpractice claim could be failure to diagnose a disease which resulted in injury or death. A workers’ compensation claim could be filed for being injured while on the job. Personal injury attorneys are trained negotiators when it comes to getting medical documents and other information needed to determine the value of a personal injury case. They will assess your injury and obtain the required information needed for evidence to represent you should the case go to court, although 80% of the personal injury cases do not go to court.

For a personal injury claim your lawyer will negotiate for you to receive some type of compensation for your injury. You will need to be compensated for past medical bills as well as any future medical bills. If you are the sole wage provider for your family and you are unable to work, you will need to be reimbursed for lost wages as well as future wages so that you can continue to support them. You can also be compensated in some way for the pain and suffering that resulted from the accident such as mental anguish. Punitive damages can be filed as part of a personal injury settlement as well. Punitive damage is a form of punishment for the guilty party that is above and beyond medical expenses and lost wage compensation.

You don’t have to suffer with your injury alone. Click here to contact a personal injury attorney in Storrs CT area who will assist you in receiving the help that you deserve.

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