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Is a Semi-Mount Ring the Right Choice for You?

A semi-mount ring is a type of ring that is already partially designed for you. It has all the setting details and accent, but not the stone. So, you only need to choose a setting and a gemstone and then have them assembled into one ring. It bridges the gap between an off-the-shelf ring and a custom-made one.

Vintage semi-mount rings are a good alternative for people who do not wish to design their ring from scratch. It also gives couples the flexibility to choose the best carat size and cut of their preferred stone. This can also help them stay within their budget.

Different Styles of Semi Mount Rings

There are several styles of semi-mounts you can choose from.

  • Accented rings
  • Bridal sets
  • Solitaires

Choosing the Central Gemstone

When selecting the central stone for your semi-mount, there are several things you need to consider.

After choosing the type of stone and its shape, finding a mount will be much easier. Bear in mind that certain semi-mount rings are created for specific carat ranges. If you find this confusing, you can ask your jeweler for assistance.

Most jewelers carry semi-mounts. Some of them may even have rare finds such as vintage semi mount rings. However, they may not offer them right away. This is not surprising as they prefer to sell complete rings as much as possible. So, make sure to ask your Javda jeweler about semi-mounts. Another option is to buy from online jewelry stores that specialize in semi-mounts.

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