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Items to Discuss with the French Drains Specialists in Jacksonville, FL

Water damage is a common problem for foundations. The excess water causes mold growth, excessive cracking, and shifting. An effective way to keep water away from the foundation is through the use of a French drain. French drains are highly efficient means of keeping water away from the foundation. These are some of the items to discuss with the specialists.

One of the items to discuss with the French Drains Specialists in Jacksonville FL is how the area around the foundation is going to be accessed. In many cases, heavy equipment will be brought in to dig the ditch for the drain. It will depend on how close the home is located to neighbors and how well the yard can stand up to the weight of the machinery. If the ground is excessively muddy or has a lot of sand, it may not be advisable to bring in heavy equipment.

Another item to discuss with the specialists is the hookup to the drainage line. The piping in the drain will have to hook into the sewer lines of the city. This can require digging through sidewalks or concrete driveways. If the driveway is to be used for cars, an alternative parking plan will have to be considered. Rocks and extra sand may need to be brought in to temporarily fill in holes until the concrete can be poured.

The access points for cleaning should also be discussed with the french drains specialists in Jacksonville FL. While they are typically a low maintenance item, debris can buildup in the piping. On occasion, this debris must be cleared out to restore the effectiveness of the drain. The time frame in which it needs to be cleaned is an item to ask about. In addition, ask about how this type of maintenance is accomplished.

Water issues will cause major problems with any type of foundation. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is the use of the French drain. It will effectively direct water away from the entire foundation. Contact us for more information on the installation process and to get answers to any questions about the drains.

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