It’s Easy For Roslyn Seniors To Transition From Independent To Assisted Living

With the Baby Boomer generation coming into their golden years, many are considering professional care for their parents. Seniors are learning more about assisted living, thanks to the Internet. However, many still prefer to remain at home. There’s an easy way to get your parents the elderly care services in Roslyn

they might need while maintaining their independence.

Independent Living

Seniors can move into a senior care facility offering both independent and assisted living. Your parents will simply be moving into a very nice apartment. They’ll still have their furniture, pictures, kitchenware, and all their other items.

If they need help with a stubborn medicine bottle cap, all they have to do is call for help. Would they enjoy attending movie night? Come on down! Independent living residents are welcome to events and amenities open to assisted living residents.

While transportation to and from doctors, pharmacies, and more are open to assisted living residents, they are also available for independent living residents as well. Perhaps their car is down for some reason. No problem. They’ll just call, and we’ll get them a ride.

Assisted Living

It’s when your parents need a little more care that they transition into assisted living. They require help with bathing, dressing, cooking, housekeeping, or for walking to the dining room. They’ll need help remembering to take their medications and sometimes to open them. They’ll still live in their apartment, but the level of elderly care services in Roslyn will increase.

The Regency Assisted Living will be happy to tell you more about independent living.

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