Jobs for Pharmacy Technicians

To begin with, the outlook for pharmacy technicians is positive for the foreseeable future. More job openings will be available in the future in this occupation than many others. Specifically, the duties include executing all the steps in the pharmacy fulfillment process. Pharmacy technicians work closely with pharmacists in fulfilling everyday duties.

The way to a career as a pharmacy technician starts with high school graduation and on the job training in a pharmacy and then attending a pharmacy technician training school or finishing a two-year Pharmacy Technician degree. The Pharmacy Technician Certification in Los Angeles, CA, is the certification required to get a job offer in the industry. With the certificate and a two-year Associates Degree, you can gain an entry level job in this exciting field. The job entails filling prescriptions for patients. The process is supervised by a pharmacist and involves taking a prescription from a doctor for a patient and preparing the medicine per the doctor’s instructions. Pharmacy technicians also contribute to the medical supply management of a pharmacy and checking inventories.

On the way to gaining the Pharmacy Technician Certification in Los Angeles, CA, candidates must understand the pharmacy business. Pharmaceutical and medical terminology must also be learned before starting the work. The candidate must understand the concept of dosages and prescription calculations. The technological equipment in the pharmacy must be understood and mastered by the candidate. An excellent grasp of drug identification and how to dispense drugs properly must be exhibited. Sometimes, pharmacy technicians specialize in various fields. Some often specialize in pharmacology. The law and ethics issues associated with the pharmacy is a specialty. The law governs the pharmacy and the level of professionalism at work. The concern for the patient and the medication in a prescription is also a specialty. Sterile and unsterile compounding is also a specialty. Inventory management, customer service, sending invoices, understanding vitals, and administering first aid are also specialties.

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