Julie Laughton Designs And Builds For You In Newport Beach May24


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Julie Laughton Designs And Builds For You In Newport Beach

If you are looking to start a new design project, consult Julie Laughton custom home design build services in Newport Beach to receive world class design with quality and experience. After graduating from Iowa State University, Julie Laughton spent the first 7 years of her career designing world class buildings in New York City such as David Webb Jewelry on Park Avenue, Weinburg Law Offices, Rizzo Law Offices, Citibank’s Park Avenue Corporate Office, and Bank of America’s 5th Avenue Corporate Offices, working with famous NYC developers such as Philip and Cheryl Milstein, Zekendorf Development, Landau Development, and Lefrak Properties, just to name a few. In 1991, Julie decided to move her practice to Laguna Beach, where she is a Certified General Contractor and lover of Mediterranean and Spanish builds from the early 1900’s.

Julie Laughton custom home design build services Newport Beach will provide you with the experience to see your custom build before it even happens, and Julie will be there personally with you to see your project from start to completion. Whether you are building a new project, doing a full remodel, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or addition, Julie Laughton is the woman to call who has the experience you are looking for to create long lasting timeless designs that are stunning to view. Don’t leave your housing or business project to someone with inexperience. Call Julie Laughton to make sure you get the best designing experience, and design a space with passion and elegance. With qualities like extreme attention to detail, and high energy, Julie takes the stress off of your shoulders when starting a new project, with a genuine personality you will love.

To learn more about Julie Laughton, visit her online at www.julielaughton.com, where you can view her latest projects, follow her on social media, and get in contact.

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