Keep Your Area Protected While Painting by Using Tape on Surfaces Jun15


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Keep Your Area Protected While Painting by Using Tape on Surfaces

When it’s time to take on the challenge of painting in your home, one of the supplies that you want to have on hand is tape. This can be used to ensure precise lines on the walls and to keep different colors from blending together. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using tape while you’re painting.


Before you begin painting, make sure all of the surfaces are clean and free of any stickers or other items that could interfere with the painting process. Place Blue Painters Tape on the areas of the walls, door, or baseboards where you want to have a seamless edge, ensuring that the tape is secure before you start painting.

Tape Size

If you know that you’re going to need a long strip of Blue Painters Tape, then consider putting the roll on your wrist. This will help to keep it nearby instead of putting it in another location in the room and getting up to get it when needed. Shorter strips of tape are often better for corners as they are easier to maneuver compared to longer pieces.


In conjunction with the tape that you use along the baseboards, you can also put a drop cloth or trash bag on the floor to keep paint from getting on the carpet or the hardwood. As you paint other areas of the room, you can move the cloth or bag so that the floor is always protected instead of using one large cloth over the entire floor.

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